Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 2 E-Mail

This week has flown by!  I can't believe I get to leave tomorrow...CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH?  The MTC is a great place to learn (I can say that I have learned so much that I will need), but there is no doubt that the field is the place where everything good happens.

This week has been pretty great.  Today we went to the temple and you all need to go, they changed the video and it is really good.  I had my last day of class yesterday and I can not express the joy that fills my soul in knowing that I don't have to sit through two 3 hour classes everyday.  I saw Cam on Thursday and barely saw him again today so we could snap a quick photo,  Jesse and all the guys in my zone left for Australia yesterday so it has just been us four elders and two sisters hanging around.  In-field orientation took all day on Thursday and it was a pretty scary experience, seeing all these returned missionaries with all these baptisms every week, it was very discouraging thinking I may not have as many as them; but then I remembered that it didn't matter, as long as I am trying my best it won't matter whether I baptize 100 or 1.  I will not be sad to see this MTC food go away, little does Cam know that it destroys your bowels (Too much info?)

I hope Grayson had a great birthday.  Let him know that Uncle Jaxon sang happy birthday for him and that he loves him a lot.

Sorry I haven't been able to send any letters, every last second of your life is controlled at the MTC, hopefully my letter writing will become more frequent once I am in the field.

I left basically all of your letters in my room so don't think I forgot to email you, I will be sure to write them down and email you all my next p-day.

There have been some questions regarding my movies, so here is the policy:
A single movie may be checked out for a period of 24 hours (48 for those who do not live in the househould)  Once you are done with it, return it to it's place in the ever so nicely alphabetized collection.  Should I find a movie missing or a movie that no longer works upon my arrival, disciplinary action will be put in place.  Thank you.

Tucker and Grayson: Howdy partners, I hope you are enjoying my singing game.  I am glad I am your favorite uncle Tucker.  I love you both a bunch and can't wait to give you guys big hugs.

Meili:  Derek told me that you make sure you guys are always praying for me, I hope you know that I really appreciate that; no prayer means more to me than the ones you guys give.  I hope everything is going well with getting ready for school, 9th grade is going to be a blast!

Jenna:  How does one simply confuse Taco Bell with Taco Maker???  Go ye and repent!  But I hope you are enjoying your time with Tucker and Grayson, it seems Glee will never leave that household, I have forever left my mark.  Grayson isn't completely wrong, the girl who plays Tina is named Jenna.  I am so proud of that scamp for knowing that.

Courtni:  Oh dearest sister, you and Justin's postcards were just magical.  and your letter with the Lani-ism made my day.  I am heartbroken I missed it.  I look forward to receiving many more and be sure to include the Jenna-isms and Courtni-isms, cause that is some funny crap.  Hopefully I get to partake of Taco Bell this week and feel all the blessings that come with it.

Derek: check your email, your message there.

Britni:  How goes it prego?   I hope my Glee game doesn't cause you migranes, your son was obviously born to be a star.  Thank you for not sending anymore sweets, cause those donuts cost me a belt loop.  But again, they were greatly appreciated.  You rock my socks off.

Mom:  Thank you for your continual letter, I will sad to see this Dear Elder go, it has been great.  I am still healthy and everything is fine.  I hope you are keeping your cool with having work, Jenna, the boys, Jenna, cleaning, Jenna, and my handsome face not there.  I hope all goes well with Lord of the Rings.

Dad:  Thanks for your letter, I hope work has been better.  I am glad to have a hard-working dad who is supporting me, I have seen a lot of guys worry about money and I am glad I don't have to have that worry.  It is a great blessing.

Well that is all for this week, talk to you all tomorrow!  (from 9-10:30, not sure on the time yet)

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